U.S. Air Force ABU (Airman Battle Uniform)

All Terrain Tiger™… massive upgrade for inadequate
ABU pattern, uniforms available Now!


AF_ABU0001 (Above) All Terrain Tiger
Tru-Spec® TRU®
(Tactical Response Uniform) JacketGo ahead, test the USAF ABU (left) or U.S. Army UCP against the
All Terrain Tiger™ pattern.
It’s not even close.
All Terrain Tiger™ far surpasses the camouflage effectiveness of either those other patterns

ABU Development History

From it’s inception in 2002, the initial tiger stripe ABU project I was tasked to organize, was never intended to develop a first class effective camouflage. USAF Chief of Staff Gen. Jumper’s focus was to simply have a “distinctive” uniform that would be recognized as U.S. Air Force.

Contrary AF_BlueTiger001 to my professional recommendations, the initial decision was to go with the fashionable blue tiger stripe. As was told to me, fabric durability, color retention, ease of care, uniform comfort, as well as a range of female sizing were high priorities while camouflage effectiveness was essentially unnecessary and a non-issue.

Rejecting my ideas for a camouflage effective distinctive uniform, I was essentially told to “file away my camo ideas” and do my job in just making a distinctive pattern. Numerous more field worthy patterns were submitted, all at well below market royalty prices. Leadership however, rejected them all in favor of the current ineffective jagged ABU digital tiger style. Simply following the digital camouflage lead of both the U.S.M.C. and U.S. Army, USAF leadership eventually selected a very ineffective substandard camouflage design with an even less effective colorway. (see at right)

Leadership also chose to close the ABU pattern off from any free market competition and only release it to manufacturers with a currently approved contract. You could not even get fabric to make a product sample without first having an approved contract for that item. This essentially stifles new product development as well as overall product availability. Not to mention keeping product prices high. From the start, I strongly suggested against closing any pattern off from the open market but was, again, ignored.

The initial “bright” ABU colorway was quickly found to be a distinct
disadvantage in a war zone because the uniform stood out too much.
The ABU’s colorway was then toned down. It is no coincidence that it
“just happens” to more closely resemble the U.S. Army’s UCP-ACU
colorway of the time.

All Terrain Tiger™ Tru-Spec® Combat Shirt

All Terrain Tiger™ Tru-Spec® Combat Shirt

U.S. Air Force personnel are not wearing the current USAF ABU pattern in Afghanistan/Iraq operations but are instead wearing the U.S. Army’s Operational Camouflage Pattern uniform, the OCP. The U.S. Army is now wearing the OCP due to the fact that their Universal Camouflage Pattern(UCP), with it’s ineffective colorway, has finally been found to be an overall very poor performing camouflage. The U.S. Army has now dumped their admitted failed colorway and camouflage design. Bottom line, the current U.S. Air Force ABU tiger pattern is every bit as totally inadequate as a field camouflage as was the U.S. Army’s failed UPC pattern.

I’m truly sorry I couldn’t have been more help in providing what was submitted to USAF leadership rather than what leadership ultimately selected. My copyrighted tiger stripe pattern, as well as digital designs in general, are not all inherently bad camouflages. Experience has shown that any pattern can quickly go bad when camouflage design amateurs enter the decision making equation or when the purpose is just to make a fashion statement.

UPDATE Sept 2014:
USAF says “no” to new camouflage. Leadership sites they like the look of USAF personnel in the current ABU tiger and with current budget constraints, they could not undertake a major uniform upgrade at this time. They also would prefer to save the individual Airman the personal financial cost incurred by upgrading to a single combat ready camouflage uniform.

All Terrain Tiger™ Tru-Spec® T.R.U.® Trouser

All Terrain Tiger™ Tru-Spec® T.R.U.® Trouser

Two uniforms… really?
One for show (USAF’s ABU) and one for go (U.S. Army’s OCP)?
How much is that costing the individual Airman?
If you’re paying for your own combat uniform, why not make it an
outstanding effective camouflage that while unique, will not stand
out in the field. Plus, you do not have to borrow from the U.S. Army.
Doesn’t it just make sense to give everybody in a hostile theater a
superior camouflage edge no matter what the job? All Terrain Tiger
does that job. Still, I don’t see the sense behind one pattern for “show”
and one for “go”. Once again, All Terrain Tiger™ would more than
easily fill both requirements.

All Terrain Tiger™ is down range ready and is very affordable.
No $10,000 hammers here. If ever adopted, the modest royalty would,
again, be well below market. That would be well below what the
U.S. Army was charged for their camouflage thus, keeping costs down
to a minimum. All Terrain Tiger™ is currently open to the free market
ultimately promoting product development, supply, and lower prices.
I would not see that changing since the pattern is already in the
market place.

Despite speeches and some news reports, this war is far from over.
It would seem the other side doesn’t care to curtail their aggression. In
today’s world, everyone, including the USAF, needs and deserves a
real combat ready uniform and not a fashion statement. Hopefully,
funding will be found (soon) to finance the much needed
organizational upgrade to a SINGLE real-world camouflage such as
the All Terrain Tiger™ or even the SPEC-OPS TIGER™.

Not everyone in the U.S. Air Force knows about All Terrain Tiger
(ATT™), but some installations, such as Nellis AFB, are currently
unofficially utilizing ATT™ in training with outstanding results.

Airmen, tell your friends at other bases. It is a very valuable tool
in training scenarios as well as in the field. Try the All Terrain Tiger
today. You will not be disappointed. All Terrain Tiger™, pass it on. . .

UPDATE 25 June 2015:
Air Force Special Operations personnel begin Testing & Evaluation
of All Terrain Tiger™ (ATT™). Contact me should your group wish
to adopt the All Terrain Tiger™ (ATT™).

Active Duty USAF personnel unsolicited All Terrain Tigerreviews.


25 Nov 2015:
It’s here! A new highly effective hybrid camouflage design is complete.
The StrikeCam™ is available to all approved Governments and Manufacturers.

StrikeCam™ – working colorways – Intermediate, Desert, Woodland, Tactical Black


Tru-Spec® Patrol Cap

All Terrain Tiger™ Tru-Spec® Patrol Cap

All Terrain Tiger™… available To ALL

Any approved Military, Government, Government Agency, Law Enforcement Agency, or Professional Security Force can now deliver extremely high camouflage effectiveness to it’s personnel with this outstanding new Tiger Stripe camouflage design, the All Terrain Tiger™.

As the designer of this great new copyrighted camouflage, peak all-terrain camouflage effectiveness was my number one priority. All Terrain Tiger™ would be a massive upgrade for both Garrison wear and Combat operations over the current USAF ABU.

This newly updated tiger pattern design delivers superior all-terrain camouflage performance and superior uniform construction while still being very affordable when compared to similar products. Tru-Spec® All Terrain Tiger™ uniforms are the perfect alternative to today’s higher priced camouflage selections. The available All Terrain Tiger™ uniform styles and superior pattern
make them ideal for Special Operation Units as well as for everyday duties.

Contact TSP directly regarding larger orders for the
All Terrain Tiger™.

All designs are copyright protected. Unauthorized
“substantially similar” designs are, of course, in
violation of copyright laws and are subject to
substancial penalties.

Current Garment List
(In stock and available exclusively through Tru-Spec® Dealers worldwide)

Tru-Spec® Slant Pocket TRU® Combat Jacket & TRU® Combat Trousers
Tru-Spec® Combat Shirt
Tru-Spec® Square Pocket BDU style Trousers

Tru-Spec® Patrol Cap
Tru-Spec® Jungle Boonie Hat

Manufacturers Place Your FABRIC Orders Now! Contact for ordering information.
NEW! Water Transfer Film for hard goods (firearms, etc.) available NOW!

50/50 Nylon/Cotton (NYCO) Ripstop Fabric
500 Denier Nylon
1000 Denier Nylon
Water Transfer Film (for Professional Decorators)

Additional Colorways Not yet in production: Woodland TigerII – Desert Tiger II – Digital All Terrain Tiger™ photos

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All Terrain Tiger™ Tru-Spec® Boonie Hat

All Terrain Tigericon
• Meets US Military Specs
• Oversized Brim
• Brass Screen Vents
• Adjustable Chin Strap
• 50/50 Nylon/Cotton Ripstop Fabric
• Mfg in TRU-SPEC® Factory – Imported
• Sizes: 7, 7-1/4, 7-1/2 & 7-3/4


All Terrain Tiger™ Tru-Spec® Patrol Cap

All Terrain Tigericon
• Meets US Military Specs
• 2-Ply 50/50 Nylon Cotton Rip-Stop Construction
• Includes Map Pocket and Hook & Loop Name Tape On Back Panel
• 50/50 Nylon/Cotton Ripstop Fabric
• Mfg in TRU-SPEC® Factory – Imported
• Sizes: 7, 7-1/4, 7-1/2 & 7-3/4



All Terrain Tiger™ Tru-Spec® TRU® (Tactical Response Uniform) Jacket

All Terrain Tigericon
• Featuring Powerhook Hook & Loop
• 4-Pocket Design
• 2-Slanted Chest Pockets With Hook & Loop Closures For Easy Access
• Hook & Loop Faced Shoulder Pockets For Patches & Skill Tabs
• Reinforced Internal Elbow Pockets For Elbow Pad Inserts With Easy Access External Hook & Loop Openings
• Includes 3-Pieces Of Hook & Loop That Can Be Sewn On For Name & Rank Patches
• Adjustable Hook & Loop Cuff With Zigzag Stitching
• Zippered and Hook & Loop Front Placket For Smooth Uniform Appearance
• Zigzag Stitched Hook & Loop Mandarin Collar Can Be Worn Up Or Down To Protect Neck and Keep Out Debris
• Bi-swing Back
• Pen/Pencil Stalls on Sleeve
• 50/50 Nylon/Cotton Ripstop Fabric
• Mfg in TRU-SPEC® Factory – Imported
• Sizes: XSmall – 5XLarge Regular, Small – 3XLarge Long & XSmall – XLarge Short


All Terrain Tiger™ Tru-Spec® TRU® (Tactical Response Uniform) Trouser

All Terrain Tiger icon
• 10-Pocket Design
• 2-Easy Access Slanted Cargo Pockets With Drain Holes, 5″x5″ Hidden Pocket and Elastic Drawstring With Cord Lock For Secure Closure
• 2-Extra Deep Front Slash Pockets With Reinforced Openings
• 2-Bellowed Lower Leg Pockets With Hook & Loop Closures
• Hook & Loop Closure Pocket Flaps
• 1″ Wide Belt Loops With 2-1/4″ Openings
• Drawstring Waist With Button Fly
• Reinforced Seat
• Reinforced Internal Knee Pockets For Knee Pad Inserts With Easy Access External Hook & Loop Openings
• Improved “Stay Tied” Heavy Drawstring Leg Ties
• 50/50 Nylon/Cotton Ripstop Fabric
• Mfg in TRU-SPEC® Factory – Imported
• Sizes: XSmall – 5XLarge Regular, Small – 3XLarge Long & XSmall – XLarge Short


All Terrain Tiger™ Tru-Spec® Combat Shirt

All Terrain Tigericon
• Body constructed from No Melt, No Drip CORDURA® Baselayer fabric, a 60/40 cotton nylon blend that not only reduces the severity of burn injuries and helps protect against flash fires, but also breathes, wicks away moisture and dries quickly
• Mock turtle neck
• Zippered sleeve storage pockets
• Anti-abrasion padded elbow patch
• Gusseted sleeves
• Hook & loop cuff closures
• Loop on sleeve pockets for attaching name, rank and flag patches
• Glint tape holder for IR tape
• No shoulder seams to minimize rubbing and chafing
• 50/50 Nylon/Cotton Ripstop Fabric
• Mfg in TRU-SPEC® Factory – Imported
• Sizes: XSmall – 3XLarge & Medium – 2XLarge Long

The CORDURA® Baselayer body is designed to meet No Melt No Drip standards and is not fire resistant.


All Terrain Tiger™ Tru-Spec® BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) Trouser

All Terrain Tigericon
• Made To US Military Specification MIL-T-44047E
• 6-Pocket Design
• 2-Front Slash Pockets & 2-Rear Inserted Pockets With Snag Proof Pocket Flaps
• 2-Bellowed 3-Pleated Cargo Pockets With Drain Holes & Snag Proof Button Flaps
• Fused Flaps
• 2-Adjustable Side Tabs Secured With 4-Bartacks
• Reinforced Seat & Knees
• 4-Button Fly Closure
• Belt Loops With 2-1/4″ Wide Opening Secured With 2-Bartacks
• Nylon Drawstring Leg Ties
• Felled Inseam, Out Seam & Seat Seam
• 50/50 Nylon/Cotton Ripstop Fabric
• Mfg in TRU-SPEC® Factory – Imported
• Sizes: XSmall – 5XLarge Regular, XSmall – XLarge Short & XSmall – 3XLarge Long


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