U.S. Air Force ABU (Airman Battle Uniform)

Security Forces application webpage photo with U.S. Army General in foreground

Photo above: All Terrain Tiger™… Professional Military looks and puts the BATTLE into the ABU

“Blue” tiger stripe

Adj’d Army UCP like colorway

AF tiger orig bright colorway

All Terrain Tiger™ puts the BATTLE into the ABU

As the owner of Tiger Stripe Products, I was tasked by the U.S. Air Force WPAFB Clothing Office to assemble the industry individuals necessary to design and produce what would eventually become today’s Airman Battle Uniform (ABU). CSAF Gen. Jumper’s main focus was to have a distinctive pattern that would be recognized as being uniquely U.S. Air Force. Camouflage effectiveness was not an AF concern at all which I believed to have been a major mistake.

I believe a real fighting military organization benefits greatly from having all personnel wearing the same real-world camouflage uniform. Organizational identification and team cohesion are very important considerations that a single combat ready uniform can bring to today’s military organizations.

Currently, the Air Force issues two separate uniforms according to “need”. One uniform for “show” and one for “go” depending upon individual job requirements which seems like a waste to me. Here is a major lost opportunity to help bring all airmen together as members of one team with one mission all wearing the same professional military uniform.

I’m truly sorry I couldn’t have been more helpful in bringing a true real-world camouflage pattern to all Airmen to fulfill their jobs. Many other combat ready pattern suggestions were offered however, all were rejected due to not fitting with leadership’s vision of their “distinctive” directive which had no concern for camouflage effectiveness.

The U.S. Army has dropped their failed Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) in favor of the OCP Scorpion. As is no coincidence, the ABU coloration looks curiously very similar to this failed pattern, see top of page photo. This should
tell you all you need to know about the ABU tiger pattern.

All Terrain Tiger™ at work in the field

The All Terrain Tiger™ is the answer to the Air Force’s ABU shortcomings.

All Terrain Tiger™…

… supports the established unique tiger stripe pattern usage thus maintaining important organizational identity.

… provides a highly Professional Military look for office and indoor operations as well as being a Highly Effective real-world camouflage for all field operations. Only one uniform required for all Airmen promoting team cohesion, significantly lowering supply costs and, minimizing procurement issues. All one mission – All one useful military uniform.

… is unique and distinctive in design however, being an all-terrain camouflage, it has somewhat similar coloration as the U.S. Army’s recent camouflage choice, the OCP (Scorpion). This is helpful in blending the two uniforms in the field. This can also be helpful in sniping situations where the original ABU was targeted because it stood out too much from its surroundings.

All Terrain Tiger™… Professional Military looks and puts the BATTLE into the ABU