Frequently Asked Questions

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+Can you make me a uniform?
Yes, but… I am not a custom tailor shop. I do not have sewing machines. I specialize in designing camouflage patterns. Occasionally a customer, usually a large quantity buyer, requests a test garment then a special uniform is assembled.

When a special uniform is made, it’s sewn at a large sewing factory with assembly lines. For one or a few special uniforms, fabric has to be inkjet or digitally printed ($75-$125 @ yard). The fabric is then hand cut and hand sewn which disrupts the regular flow of the assembly lines. The sewing contractor makes up for this by charging for this disruption. The total cost for these uniforms is typically about $800-$1000 for each set. This cost goes way up if the contractor has to change the uniform style from a style they don’t already make.

To get the price down to something more normal, the sewing contractor requires a minimum order of 500 sets with 25 pieces per required size.
Contact me if you have the need for one or five hundred+ uniforms. It can be done but be prepared for the costs.


+Can I buy fabric by the yard?
Unfortunately, no. I am no longer set up to store, process, or sell small quantities of fabrics. I now specialize in designing camouflage patterns and do not have a warehouse.

Once fabrics have been ordered by my authorized manufacturing companies, they are shipped directly from the print factory to their sewing facilities for processing into uniform products. While some fabrics are occasionally in stock at the print factory, they are packaged in bundles of about 300 yards each. The print factory warehouse charges $100 to open a single bundle to retrieve any fabric plus, they are not in the business of cutting and shipping small quantities of fabric. This and all the shipping fees would ultimately make a few yards of fabric very expensive.

+Can you design a custom camouflage pattern for me?
Yes, I specialize in designing camouflage patterns. My basic rate for design work is $80 @ hour with a non-refundable $300 minimum.

Start by giving me some idea of what you are looking for, i.e. pixel, standard, or a blend.

Next, what terrain do you wish to replicate. Terrain photos are very helpful in telling what you have in mind.

Once you have given me a direction, I’ll make some initial designs for your approval. This is a back and forth process so it does take a bit of time to complete.

As is customary in this industry, all designs remain copyrighted and will be use licensed to the customer.


+Can my company use your camouflage designs to make products for my product lines?
Absolutely. I license customers to use all of my camouflage designs. Fabrics are ordered directly through my authorized fabric converter. Pricing and availability information is also giving directly through the fabric converter.

For more information contact,

+Do you still make the small brim Vietnam boonie hat or Adviser style uniform?
Unfortunately no but there is something you can do for the hat. The best thing to do is to purchase the current Tru-Spec boonie hat, take it to a local tailor shop and have them cut it down to the exact size you want. Tru-Spec discontinued the small brim hat and Adviser uniform due to slow sales.

In 1997, I ceased contracting to have my own products manufactured. I no longer make, stock, or directly sell any of these products. I now license manufacturers to use my camouflage patterns for products for their own product lines. They sell these products to their dealers who then sell to the public.

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