MilCam™ is a special design concept based upon creating larger areas of contrast which help to visually break up a person’s body silhouette. Layering of these faded and non-faded color zones aids in enhancing the visual illusion thus creating outstanding camouflage effectiveness.

Current working colorway choices include the versatile Intermediate, standard Desert, enhanced Woodland, high-tech Midnight and the new Intermediate II. Colorways can always be adjusted to fit your particular needs (production minimums apply*).

*The US print factory requires a minimum of 10,000 yards of fabric to be printed which can yield approximately 2,500 standard military style uniforms. Unfortunately, the plant does not allow colorways to be combined to reach their production run minimum. Finished uniforms or just fabric can be manufactured.

MilCam™ is currently available to any and all approved military, government, government agency, law enforcement agency, or professional security force. Adopt this unique and highly effective pattern for your group today.

Contact TSP if interested in placing an order for one or more of these outstanding MilCam™ colorways or you have a need for a custom colorway.




MilCam Desert


MilCam Woodland


MilCam Midnight


MilCam Intermediate II