Water Transfer Printing Films – Available Patterns and Colorways


  • Any of my designs can be made available. See more possible patterns in the Camo Design Gallery slideshow. Substantial setup fees and minimum production quantities apply. Please ask TWN about CUSTOM colorways or designing new patterns through Tiger Stripe Products.
  • See more of the NEW! All Terrain Tiger™ TWN part# WTP 716 at these links:   All Terrain Tiger™   Air Force Tiger
  • Water Transfer Printing applies an extremely durable camouflage coating to hard type goods such as: bows, firearms, rifle stocks, pistol grips, equipment cases, flashlights, knives, plastic or metal items, etc., etc.
  • Films are available to Professional Decorator locations through my authorized film dealer, TWN industries (contact info below).
  • Please check with TWN for a Professional Decorator in your area to cover your item(s). Most Decorators will do as few as one item.


TWN Industries, Inc.
25490 SW 141 Ave. Princeton, FL 33032
Tel: 305 258-9622 | Fax: 305 258-4847

TWN Part# WTP-716 All Terrain Tiger™ Information