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1Designing Camouflage Patterns 

  • Domestic and International Governments, Defense Contractors, Manufacturers, and Individual clients welcome
  • A leader in state-of-the-art camouflage design
  • Supplier to Military / Special Operation Forces
    Security Forces / Defense Forces
    Law Enforcement / Police / Commercial Hunting
  • Full finished uniform production packages available

Designing a Camouflage Pattern

  1. Select a pattern from my catalog of existing designs (colorways can be altered to fit your needs).
    Or, supply your own pattern and it can be upgraded to a digital design.
    Or, supply your requirements for a pattern and custom artwork can be designed.
    Design work rate is $80 USD @ hour, minimum $300 (non-refundable). Average time for pattern design ranges from 15 to 40 hours.
  2. Upon artwork approval, test paper or fabric can be inkjet or digitally printed. This test paper or fabric merely shows the pattern. This fabric is not 100% production quality.
  3. Full custom manufacturing packages are also available:
    – Custom camouflage pattern design
    – Fabric printing at a top quality print facility
    – Garment assembly by a major manufacturer

Please contact me with your individual requirements regarding your particular needs for a camouflage pattern.

 2 Pixilate Any Camouflage Pattern

Utilizing advanced proprietary technology, it is possible to transform any standard camouflage pattern into a unique digital/pixilated camouflage design or to even upgrade an existing digital pattern. Supply your current pattern artwork, or even a few yards of the pattern, and it will be transformed into a 21st century digital style camouflage pattern.

  3 Military-Special Operation Forces
Security Forces-Defense Forces
Law Enforcement-Police

Pattern designs made to the specific agency or organization requirements or utilize any of my existing copyrighted camouflage designs. Domestic and international clients may be licensed to use any pattern designs or may choose to outright purchase the pattern.

 4 Commercial Hunting Applications

Add a new 21st century state-of-the-art digital camouflage to your product line; multiple patterns and colorways possible. Utilize one or more of my existing copyrighted patterns or a fresh new design will be made for your project.

5 Licensing Patterns and Purchasing Fabrics

Domestic or international qualified manufacturers, military organizations, government agencies, etc., can be licensed to use my camouflage designs for product lines or organizational requirements. Each situation is considered on an individual basis, such as even outright purchasing the pattern so, please contact me for information.

Qualified manufacturers may purchase printed camouflage fabrics. Inventories fluctuate so please contact me so my authorized fabric converter may help you. Below is a list of patterns currently in print. A run of fabric in a particular pattern may be ordered however; factory print minimums apply and screen costs could apply if pattern has yet to be printed. Please contact me with your requirements.

Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™ – 100% Cotton Ripstop
Desert Tiger™ -100% Cotton Ripstop
All Terrain Tiger™ – 50/50 NYCO Ripstop, 500 and 1000 Denier Nylon

* Sorry, retail orders for a yard or two are not possible due to the fact that fabrics are setup on approximately 100-200 yard rolls and prepackaged and sealed at the print factory in cartons of 300-500 yards. Print factory charges us $100 just to re-open one of these cartons.

6 Help with your own Artwork

Need help in preparing your idea into a working camouflage pattern? Need help getting your pattern into production? I can help with both of these issues. I will be happy to help finish and/or correct pattern problems to make them print screen ready. You, of course, realize I am creating my own camo pattern competition so to compensate, besides regular design fees, a royalty fee will be added to every fabric yard printed or otherwise account for items produced. You also are responsible for all print samples, fabrics, print screens, strike-offs, production fabrics, sewing charges, and shipping fees. Please contact me with your individual requirements regarding your particular camouflage design.

  7 Purchase Uniforms/Accessories

Purchaseicon uniforms and accessories utilizing my camouflage designs directly from the official authorized web outlet, The Supply Sergeant. Please contact them if you don’t see what you want. They will be happy to help you with your needs.

Wholesale Purchasing:

To be set up as an authorized Dealer and purchase garments using my copyrighted © camouflage designs,
please contact Atlanco/Tru-Spec directly at,

Atlanco, Inc.
1125 Hayes Industrial Drive
Marietta GA 30062-2428 USA
Ph 800-241-9414 / Ph 770-427-1334
Fax 770-427-9011

 8 Water Transfer Films

Many of my existing patterns are offered on film for professional water transfer printing of hard goods. Hard goods include such items as bows, firearms, rifle stocks, pistol grips, flashlights, knives, plastic and metal motorcycle/vehicle parts, storage boxes, equipment cases, etc. See available patterns and colorways. Any of my designs can be made available however, substantial set-up fees and minimum production run quantities apply.

TWN Industries, Inc.
25490 SW 141 Ave. Princeton, FL 33032
Tel: 305 258-9622 | Fax: 305 258-4847

 9 US NightVision Corp® Products

US Night Vision® provides federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, as well as the US Military, with advanced quality night vision, thermal imaging, infrared and lasers. They now have a line products utilizing many of my camouflage designs. See and purchase their products using my copyrighted © camouflages.

US Night Vision Corporation
1376 Lead Hill Blvd, Suite 190
Roseville, CA 95661
Toll Free (800) 500-4020
Local (916) 788-1110
Fax:   (916) 788-1113