Camouflage Designs

ATT-Boonie-HPpic                 DesertTiger-HP-pic OVTS-Boonie-HP-pic
All Terrain Tiger™                                             Desert Tiger™                                                Original Vietnam Tiger Stripe™


  • A Leader in Camouflage Pattern Design……………………………. New MilCam™

    MilCam™ Intermediate

    MilCam™ Intermediate

  • MilCam™ Woodland

    MilCam™ Woodland

What's New...

  • NEW Sportsman Series camouflage. MtnRock, DesertRock, SnowRock, and PinkRock. Find them at all Cabelas®, Bass Pro Shops®, Gander Mountain®, L.L. Bean®, and your local outfitters. Dealers, ask Tru-Spec® and Propper® for items. Order NOW!
  • Premium Tru-Spec® All Terrain Tiger uniforms, hats, and combat shirts now available through Tru-Spec® Dealers worldwide
  • NEW Non-Digital Superior Field Camouflage - MilCam™ Order NOW!
  • NEW Semi-Digital Ultimate Camouflage - StrikeCam™ Order NOW!
  • SPEC-OPS TIGER Advanced Design... Versatile... Very Effective. Order NOW!
  • All Terrain Tiger water transfer films Now Available through TWN Water Transfer Printing®
  • US NightVision Corp® now has vinyl wrap products utilizing my camouflage designs, including the All Terrain Tiger™. Cover a gun safe, rifles, rifle magazines, shotguns, pistol grips, ipads®, etc.
  • All Terrain Tiger BIG HIT with Dealers, Military, and Law Enforcement at annual Las Vegas 2017 SHOT Show.

    Do you have your All Terrain Tiger yet? Why not? Dealers order directly from Tru-Spec®. Retail purchasers order directly from our web outlet.

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